A Cav / Pag with the air of "déjà-vu" at the Opera Grand Avignon
   Ahead of the Orchester Régional Avignon-Provence in great style, the young Brazilian conductor Miguel Campos Neto demonstrates an impeccable mastery of the verista style. With generally slow rhythms, he can skillfully vary the mood and dynamics, using rubati to emphasize the intensity of feelings and passions.
The Opera Grand Avignon presents again this Sunday, March 8, the show Cavalleria Rusticana e Pagliacci.
   Pierre Guiral, director of the Opera Grand Avignon, gave total confidence to the Brazilian conductor Miguel Campos Neto. It has become a tradition to bring together Cavalleria Rusticana de Mascagni and Pagliacci de Leoncavallo on an exceptional night. The interval that separates the two opera operas that take place in two different worlds. It is certain that there are points in common between the two works: the time, in the south of Italy, with Sicily and Calabria, the scenes of the church, a street performance.
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Miguel Campos Neto will conduct operas in France in 2020
   This is the first time that the principal conductor of the Theatro da Paz Symphony Orchestra will conduct operas abroad.
   Principal conductor of the Theatro da Paz Symphony Orchestra, conductor Miguel Campos Neto will conduct an opera abroad for the first time, specifically in the city of Avignon, in the south of France. On March 6 and 8, 2020, the musician leads the "Cavalleria Rusticana", a melodrama in a unique act by Pietro Mascagni, which premiered in 1890 and I Pagliacci, a two-act opera that dates from 1982, by Ruggero Leoncavallo .
A fun “Matrimonio” 
   Efficient staging, great orchestra and irregular cast mark the production of “Il Matrimonio Segreto” at the Opera Festival of the Theatro da Paz, in Belém.

   Father of two daughters, Geronimo is a wealthy merchant who arranges the marriage of your firstborn, Elisetta, with a noble suitor, Count Robinson. When he goes to the house of his future father-in-law to meet the bride, the Count ends up being enchanted, in fact, with the youngest of the family, Carolina, and decides to change the bride, giving up half of the dowry initially agreed.